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Innovative Marketing Solutions Based on Scrammble Games


Five Basic Elements for Successful Business


5 Basic Elements

Business Sense

Public Relation

'Publish' Message/Content via 'Media', Conduct 'Event' & 'Function' to Produce Impact with Measurable Effectiveness

Branding/Corporate Image 

'Display' Design/Image via Selected Media to Produce Impressions to the public resulting in Persistent Retention of Image/Impression  

Marketing Products/Services

'Describe' Content/Value & 'Differentiate' Products/Services vs Competitor's to Gain Market Share & Customers - Using Effective Description in Repetitive Format 


'Stimulate' & 'Trigger' Customer Reaction of Desire, Need or Impulse via Selected Media, Message & Timing  to Produce Buying Actions


'Establish' Customer Relation, Satisfaction and Goodwill by offering Quality Products/Services & Friendly Customer Support 

Persistency Is The Key In Marketing


If any company has products or services to offer to customers, the above table summarizes the requisite business processes for the company to become successful. Traditionally, these processes require considerable resources. The expenses for media exposure are especially huge; be it newspaper, magazine, direct mailing, radio, or Television. The frustrating part of engaging these media exposures is that their effectiveness is always elusive. They are basically transient media. This is why we take an outside-of-a-box thinking to develop a new 'persistent and measurable media' for supporting the above business processes. Previously, we have introduced the Mi-Card (Magic Information Card) Magic Marketing Solution (Ref 1 and Ref 2). Here, we are introducing the Scrammble Game Marketing Solution, another persistent medium yielding great ROI for marketing and branding.

The Concept of Value Marketing and Persistent Marketing


The whole concept behind the Scrammble Marketing Solution is based on the fact that Scrammble is a great game with tremendous intrinsic value. (See Scrammble Tournament and TV Game Show as well as comparison with Scrabble (TM) and many other word games) Scrammble stimulates players to make words and scramble and steal words from co-players resulting in an exciting memorable game that players want to play again and again. Scrammble is a game for all ages; adults and children all love the game. The game will be long lasting in families and schools probably more so than Scrabble because it is easier, faster and yet more fun and challenge to play at anywhere, in offices, at schools, and during travel (no physical board constraints). Therefore Scrammble provides a 'new persistent medium' for impacting the above business processes. We will illustrate the power of this noval marketing solution with a few examples: (A) Medical World Search, (B) Biotech Product and (C) Automobile Product. The scenario is that many prospects will be playing Scrammble and receive the 'messages' and 'images' repeatedly about your products or services which lead to discussions and generate impressions about them.

Recently, McGraw Hill Canada tried the Ad loaded textbook (a persistent but limited circulation medium*, * the cost of textbooks are high simply due to its small print edition and almost obsolete yearly) and met resistance from professors. An Internet company Freeload Press has launched such a business model having clients like Fedex, Kinkos and Pura Vida Coffee as Ad sponsors in their somewhat limited titles of textbooks. The business model is based on a good motivation (That is to reduce cost of textbooks to students) but the no-value Ads distract learning and the short persistency and small circulation of textbooks do not provide much value to the sponsors.

On the other hand, Scrammble word game builds learning into fun games where vocabularies of any subject are welcomed by players. The sponsors can easily create messages and impressions using their own selected or creative vocabulary and images. The above Medical, Biotech and Automobile examples are simply for any business to exercise its imagination.     


Click the (A) (B) and (C) Examples for Illustrations

What is the Cost for the Scrammble Game Marketing Solution?

Would you believe, it may be as low as $1-2 per game set. We all know any manufacturing cost is volume sensitive. We have tuned our manufacturing and packaging to be extremely cost efficient. If you are interested in taking advantage of this unique business marketing solution, please call  914-2486770 or Email:

The same Scrammble Game Set can play Scrammble Word, Scrammble Crossword, Scrammble Poker, Scrammble Majong, Scrammble Board, Scrammble Bingo, Scrammble Hangman, Scrammble War, Scrammble Puzzle and Scrammble Solitaire (TM intended), hence, they can create specific marketing impressions to different audience. Click the appropriate item on the Scrammble home page to get the details on how these interesting games are played (see public events). For ordering this fun game, click Order Scrammble

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