Chemical Tests

Introduction and lesson 1


What things are and how things work.


What chemicals are and how chemicals react.


Physical Chemistry  Inorganic Chemistry  Experimental Chemistry (I like it)


Inorganic Physical Organic Experimental Theoretical Chemistry (May be)


Photochemistry  BioChemistry (Will find out)

Materials Chemicals Reactions

What You shall Observe and Learn in this chemistry unit.

 Energy/Material  Transformations

What is happening around us. Just observe you will see them. Just ask questions you will learn the answers.

Your Tools  



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What to learn? Doing experiments, making observations and writing notes about chemicals. 
How? 1. Use senses with tools to observe things (in Science, observing features and properties: color, appearance, shape, size, weight, smell, ...) 2. Use words to describe what you have observed (in Science, characterizing or characterization) and name them if possible ( in Science, defining or definition).....3. Adding things or doing something to chemicals to make more observations and write down more notes.