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Game Play Scenario 

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Brief Introduction of Scrammble Games

Scrammble games are Headutainment games designed for health, education and entertainment purposes. Scrammble is a fun and exciting card game challenging players' brains. Three different games, namely Scrammble Word, Scrammble Poker and Scrammble Majong can be played with the same set of cards. The complete set consists of 136 cards with 26 alphabets with distributions properly selected so they can form statistically all vocabularies in the English language. Each alphabet card is assigned a value point inversely proportional to its frequency of occurrence in the language. Some of the vowel cards are given bonus points via a math operator. A number of wild cards which can be used as any alphabet to form a word are included in the set to make the word scrambling more inviting. All three Scrammble games are basically word games except the familiar Poker rules and Majong rules are integrated into the word games. The Scrammble Word game is more fun than the popular Scrabble and Crossword games because it has no dull time (Players do not wait long time for their turn to play) and because it is more fun when more players are playing (Practically no limit on number of players). Understanding of the basic playing rules of Scrammble Word only takes minutes then the players can immediately begin to enjoy the Scrammble games. The rules are listed below and a few pictorial examples are provided as illustrations.

Playing Rules

1. Each player takes turn to flip open a card. When a player recognizes that a number of cards can form a word, the player claims the word then owns the word. The player then wins the value points which are the sum of  value points of each alphabet in the word added up with bonus points if any.

2. During the playing process, any player can add any already opened alphabet to an already claimed word or words to scramble into a new word and then possess it. This is called scrambling. Adding S, R, D or ES, ER or ED to a word are not allowed unless they change the word into a different word with a new meaning and not merely a tense or case change. (For example, adding s to ski (skis) is not acceptable but adding es to ski (skies, different meaning) is acceptable.

3. So long one new alphabet is added, more than one word can be stolen from other players during the game. The final score is tallied at the end of the game when all cards are opened and no more scrambling is possible (limit to 2 minutes for final scramble).          

Illustration Example One 

Two players have claimed two words, Man and Are. Then next card opened is 'G'. Then player A claims the word 'MANAGER' by scrambling 'MAN' and 'ARE' and 'G' to form 'MANAGER' as shown in the picture below:

Player A

Player B

Open Cards  

Note: Any graphic design and texts cab be incorporated in Scrammble to promote your products and services
Please note that the text in the card can be your marketing text. (Example here in the 'M' card is tics +come = cosmetic)
Player A

Player B              



Illustration Example Two

One Player claimed the word 'ABLE', then the next four cards were all consonants, 'M', 'R', 'C' and 'S'. Second player claimed the word, 'MARBLE' by adding 'M' and 'R' to 'ABLE'. The first player was a little late in claiming 'cable' before 'marble' was claimed. Then the third player immediately claimed the word, 'SCRAMBLE' by adding the letters, 'S' and 'C' to 'MARBLE', hence owning the word 'SCRAMBLE' as shown below: 

Player A

Player B        
Player C        
Cards Open

   ==>> MARBLE   ==>> SCRAMBLE

Player  C

Illustration Example Three

One player claimed the word 'AXE' and the second player claimed the word 'MINER' using the wild card {*} as the 'E'. Then the next card opened is 'S'. By agreement, one can not add 'S' to a word as a new word if it is merely a plural noun or a singular verb. However, the second player claims the word, 'EXAMIN*RS' by taking the word, 'AXE', the word, MIN*R' and the letter, 'S' as shown below:







Basic Word Score and Bonus Points

The basic word score is to add up the value points of each alphabet in the word. Hence the word, 'MANAGER' has a basic score of  14. The word, 'SCRAMBLE', has the basic word score of  25.

A number of vowels have a math operator assigned to them so they can create bonus points. There are 4 wild cards which have no value points. The wild cards also have math operators assigned to them so they can generate bonus points for the word if they are contained in it. The word in example three, 'EXAMINERS', has 24 Basic word points. They also have extra bonus points created by the first letter 'E' which has a math operator 3R, i.e. the value points of the letter to its right multiplied by 3 is the bonus. This creates a bonus of 10(X)x3=30 points. Similarly the letter A has 3R as well, hence it creates a bonus of 5(M)x3=15 points. Finally, the wild card has a math operator wx1 which means multiplying the entire word score by one as its bonus. So the total word score for 'EXAMINERS' is 24 (Basic)+10x3+5x3+(24)x1= 93 points. On this new edition, there is an example of scrambling of words involving an alphabet printed on that alphabet card. 

As one can see, the rules of Scrammble Word game are very simple to learn but the game is extremely exciting and challenging. Scrammble Poker and Scrammble Majong are also simple to learn but great fun to play. Click each hyperlink to get more details of the games. Click here to read a history of how the Scrammble game was invented and a history of Scrabble. The inventor believes that this game is good for brain health, learning as well as entertaining.    

How To Order The Game

Click Here to visit the web page and order the present edition. Schools, retailers and volume purchasers can place a pre-production order by contacting, a discount of 10% off whole sale price will be offered.  

More Information About Scrammble© Games*

Braino Scrammble© is a game set for health, for education and for entertainment, a game for all ages. Scrammble games are thus called Headutainment games. Medical World Search is proud to publicly endorse the games not because it is invented by Dr. Chang who is the founder of Medical World Search but because it is an exciting game that does stimulate, challenge and entertain human brains. Every staff in the Medical World Search has played the game and loved the game. MWSearch urged Dr. Chang to make the game available to the public. MWSearch sees the games' value for families where family members can play together and enjoy. MWSearch also sees their value in schools where teachers and students can make learning more fun. MWSearch also sees their value for senior citizens in retirement homes and hospices or patients in hospitals where the game can be used to stimulate brains and keep people healthy. Dr. Chang continues to create more Scrammble Games such as Scrammble Bingo, Scrammble War, etc. He believes that children can have accelerated learning using the right games and teachers can have effective teaching with the right games. Dr. Chang has termed these teaching and learning methods as Make-A-Game Pedagogy (MAG Pedagogy). 

* Patent Pending * Braino and Scrammble © trademark intended



Scrammble Click here to visit Scrammble web site   Click here to see a newspaper article    Click here to read the history of Scrammble         

Scrammble Click here to order, on this page you can order Scrammble Game, Passport to Scrammble Land and a combination order with discount.


The Braino game is custom designed. An example of how the game is played is shown above. The scrammble has been played as a family game since the mid eghties. Its formal first edition as a product was created in 2003. The first edition is limited. Please place your order before inventory runs out. Send email to for any questions or interpretations of the games. All orders must be made by checks or by online credit card payment through IPO2U.COM's secure system. The delivery will be made after the check is cleared or credit card payment authenticated. Discounts are available for volume order. 

Special image for the back of the cards  may be ordered by providing a printable artwork along with the order. An artwork handling fee $200 will be added to the order of a minimum of 100 sets. The present product (English version) consists of 136 playing cards contained in a secure plastic box with board and rules for playing four games. 

Please contact  for Industry Edition and Retail/Consumer Edition, volume discount, wholesale, custom logo brand or  special versions for large group playing in which the alphabet tiles or cards may be made to be magnetic so they can be placed on a magnetic board standing up. (especially useful for classroom team play) For license, please send request to or write to the address below. 

If order by check, address to

TLC Information Services

PO Box 944

Yorktown Heights, N. Y. 10598  

A Perfect Game for Family, Children, Parents and Grand Parents

A Fun Game for School, Vocabulary Learning and Spelling Skills 

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