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Scrammble Games In Action


(A Number of Fun Games for Brain Stimulation and Healthy Life) 

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Game Play Scenario (Click Here to See Enlarged Cards, we apologize that the scanned photos below do not represent the high quality plastic coated cards)

Scrammble Photo 1   Photo Caption

In this photo, 4 players are playing Scrammble Word . As cards were opened one by one, they claimed the following words with minimum of 3 letters. W: LED, ARE; N: ABLE; E: CAR, MAN & S: ZIP. Cards are continiously opened: M, R & S. The numerals and multipliers are too small to see. Refer elsewhere for how to count word score. 

Scrammble Photo 2   Photo Caption

South player recognized MARBLE by adding M & R to North's ABLE. East added S to his own CAR and West's LED and made the word CRADLES. The game continued with cards S, C & G opened. A temporary set back can be recovered as game continues. Some words are safer against being scrambled by opponent players than other words.

Scrammble Photo 3   Photo Caption

North took back the MARBLE and added with S & C and made the word SCRAMBLE. West added G to form MANAGER with his own ARE and East's MAN. The game continued with cards Q, X & Wi (Wild Card) opened. Wi can be any letter hence will make Scrammble more exciting! Game goes on untill the deck of cards are all opened. 

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