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Scrabble - Scrammble Comparison


SCRABBLE® by Hasbro


Created By Dr. Ifay Chang

And Published By Medical World Search

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Comparison of Scrabble Vs Scrammble - Unique Games *




Word Game Board game Board game and card games 
Players Age 5 and up, 2 - 5 players Age 4 and up, 2 - 9 players & teams or big groups
Main Features  Make words with adjacent letters on the board. Insert letters and scramble claimed words into new words
  Take advantage of letter positions on the board with bonus, the bonus positions are on fixed spots on the board (2x, 3x, 2w, 3w) Take advantage of vowels with bonus and preceding or following letter in the word and use wild cards with bonuses (2L,3L, 2R, 3R, L+R, 1W, 2W, 3W)
  Take turn to play leisurely, waiting time for play turn can be too long, players especially children lose patience. Everyone is engaged at the same time, no waiting, no dull moment, continuous playing and continuous fun and challenge.
  7 letter word bonus adds excitement, limited word length due to board structure. Not limited to 7 letters, bonuses can be given for long words, unlimited word length. 
  Not adjustable to children's vocabulary level and playing skills. (Junior Scrabble exists) Tend to play the same words repeatedly in games for high score, for example, qua, ox, jo, ax, zoa, etc. Experienced players memorize a fixed set of words.    Acceptable minimum word length can be set differently to suit players' vocabulary level and playing skills (especially good for children in different grades). New words can come up all the time with no repetition, great for learning. Adding S, ES, D, ED, N or EN may be allowed for young children. 
  Word points must be counted after each play otherwise the score can be confusing at the end of the game. Counting points do take time which can slow down the game. The game tend to focus on scoring points not creating interesting words.  Word points do not have to be counted after each play, since one may lose the word to another player. The scoring can be done at the end if players want to keep score. Or words are recorded and counted at each play so players can recall how their words were scrambled away with new interesting words.
Physical Features Board is necessary and 100 tiles are used. Deluxe model comes with rotating pedestal for ease of viewing and playing. Board is not necessary; both cards and tiles (136) can be used. Scrammble Board game makes the word game more interesting to children. Game set easy for travel use.
Variation  No variation in play, a fix format word board game with crossword like patterns. The game has a 50 year history with many devoted players. Adopting Poker, Majong, Board, Bingo, War and Puzzle games which make word game more interesting with varieties: Play Texas Hold'em Poker with Scrammble, Teach Alien Scrammble Board Game and Play Scrammble Majong and others -- all catching public's attention. Please see details on each game

* where history, different plays, rules, and order information can be found

Fun and Challenge of Scramble Process and Scrammble Games

The following examples illustrate how the scramble process is played and why it is so much fun and challenge. Since the scramble process gives all players the opportunity to scramble all the time and at the same time. The sequence of playing and scoring are not necessarily in order. P1, p2, p3, p4 and p5 represents five players in these examples and they can score at any time. Note that letter or letters are added to claimed words and taken over by the Scrammbler. The following example shows how words are formed and scrambled from 'car' to 'crawled'. 

Example one: Letters opened, CRADELW, in that sequence, acceptable minimal word length is 3-letter word
Sequence Player 1  Player 2 Player 3 Player 4 Player5
1. C, R, A CAR        
2. D     CARD  
3. E   CARED   -  
4. L   -   CRADLE
5. W     CRAWLED   -

Example two: Letters opened, RTATBAIOSNC, in that sequence, minimal 3-letter word
Sequence Player1 Player2 Player3 Player4 Player5
1. RTA   TAR      
2. ABT     BAT    
3. IO   -   RATIO  
4. S     -   STAB
5. N RATION     - -
6. C -       ABSTRACTION


Champion of Scramble Process

Score A Word:

Anyone can form a word from the opened alphabets or steal a word or words from any opponent by adding an alphabet and scramble them into a new word. . 

Counting the Word Points:

Add up all the individual alphabet points (this is the base points) and then apply the math operators to add additional points (that is the bonus points). For example, the word, CARD [ 4(C), 1(A, 2L), 2(R), 3(D) ] has 4+1+2+3= 10 basic word points, With bonus from (A,2L)(the letter point of the left side of A is multiplied by 2, that is 4 (of C) is multiplied by 2), it has 4+1+2+3+4x2=18 word points. Another example, The word GA(Wild)E [ 6(G), 1(A, 3L), 0(Wi 2W) as M, 1(E) ] has 6+1+0+1= 8 basic word points. With bonus from A(3L) and the wild card (2W, the basic word points multiplied by 2), it has (6+1+0+1+6x3+8x2)=42 word points. The wild card is used as the alphabet M. It can stay as M throughout the game or allowed to be changed to another alphabet when the word 'GAME' is scrambled into another word by someone by adding one or more alphabets (make this choice clear at the beginning of the game). Hence the smart players must take into account scoring and do the 'scramble process' strategically.

Score Board Champion:

The highest Total-Word-Score of each game (or tournament) may be recorded on the Scrammble Score Board ( under construction) and the winners will be listed as champions. As new champions scoring higher Total-Word-Score occur, their names will be added to the score board in order of their rankings. These rankings may be published on the Scrammble web site according to a set of rules. The number of players, their age and the minimum length word allowed for the game played all must be recorded along with the Total-Word-Score. Generally, A Total-Word-Score of 500 is close to the expert ranking.

Strategy of the Game:

  1. Try to form words fast and early.
  2. Extend your own words to longer words or to words more difficult to be scrambled by other scramblers.
  3. Constantly identify opponents' words that can be scrambled.
  4. Pay attention when wild card or vowels with math operators come up. That is your chance to win big word score.
  5. Practice makes experts. You can play solitaire and use a Scrammble dictionary (to be published) to practice.
  6. Scrammble Games are exciting brain stimulating games. Bells may be used to determine who declared first in case shouting becomes unbearable when players get too excited.
  7. Send email to or for any questions or interpretations of the games or order the game on line ( ). Braino Scrammble or Scrammble Games © are invented by Dr. Ifay Chang, founder of Medical World Search. The game patents are pending which extends the games to be played in the electronic media including TV and Internet.

How To Order The Game

Click Here to visit the web page and order.

More Information About Scrammbleİ Games*

Scrammble Games © is a game set for education, for entertainment and for health and it is indeed a game for all ages. Scrammble games are sometimes called Headutainment games. Medical World Search is proud to publicly endorse the games not because it is invented by Dr. Chang who is the founder of Medical World Search but because it is an exciting game that does stimulate, challenge and entertain human brains. Every staff in the Medical World Search has played the game and loved the game. MWSearch urged Dr. Chang to make the game available to the public. MWSearch sees the games' value for families where family members can play together and enjoy. MWSearch also sees their value in schools where teachers and students can make learning more fun. MWSearch also sees their value for senior citizens in retirement homes and hospices where the game can be used to stimulate brains and keep people healthy. Dr. Chang continues to create more Scrammble Games such as Scrammble Bingo, Scrammble War, etc.© He believes that children can have accelerated learning using the right games and teachers can have effective teaching with the right games. Dr. Chang has termed these teaching and learning methods as Make-A-Game Pedagogy ©(MAG Pedagogy). 

* Patent Pending * Braino and Scrammble © trademark intended



Scrammble Click here to see an illustration           

Scrammble Click here to order, on this page you can order Scrammble Game, Passport to Scrammble Land and a combination order with discount.

The Braino game is custom designed. An example of how the game is played is shown above. The first edition of the product has very limited quantity. If you are interested to have a copy of this limited first edition, please place your order before inventory runs out. Send email to for any questions or interpretations of the games. All orders must be made by checks or by online secure credit card payment through Paypal. The delivery will be made after the check is cleared or credit card payment authenticated. Discounts are available for pre-order (volume order) for the next edition in volume production. Custom designed Scrammble games with special image for the back of the cards  may be ordered by providing a printable artwork along with the order. A artwork handling fee $200 will be added to the order of a minimum of 100 sets. The present product (English version) consists of 136 playing cards contained in a secure plastic box with board and rules for playing four games. 

Please contact  for Industry Edition and Retail/Consumer Edition, volume discount, wholesale, custom logo brand or  special versions for large group playing in which the alphabet tiles or cards may be made to be magnetic so they can be placed on a magnetic board standing up. (especially useful for classroom team play) For license, please send request to or write to the address below. 

If order by check, address to

TLC Information Services ( )

PO Box 944

Yorktown Heights, N. Y. 10598  

A Perfect Game for Family, Children, Parents and Grand Parents

A Fun Game for School, Vocabulary Learning and Spelling Skills 

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