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Dr. Chang has written a book about the Scrammble Games he has created. The book, entitled, Passport to Scrammble Land, will be published by TLC Information Services before the coming holiday season. More than 20 fun games organized under eight categories are illustrated. The book guides the readers to enjoy the challenges and to create their own learning games. The book is entertaining on its own. The Scrammble Games can be ordered on-line separately or with the book.  For inquiry and reservation for an autographed first edition please email to

The book cover pages and table of content are shown below (apology for not able to display the print quality on-line):


 Table of Content


Preface (for Players, Parents and Teachers)

Glossary of Game Terms

Principles of Scrammble

Scrammble Cards and Order Info

Scrammble Word

Scrammble Poker

Scrammble Majong

Scrammble Bingo

Scrammble War

Scrammble Board

Scrammble Puzzle

Scrammble Solitaire

List of Games in Scrammble Land

How to Add Scrammble Games

Make-A-Game (MAG) Pedagogy and Page 2

Return To Scrammble Games