***Holiday Greetings***
Invitation from Scrammble Tournament
A Community Education Program
Sponsored by Community Organizations
The Scrammble Game Show on TV

Balloon Art Party
Balloons Are Provided!
Scrammble Bingo Party
Bingo Cards Are Provided!

The Scrammble Game Show
December 22nd, 2006 4:30 PM - 8:30PM
Cablevision Yorktown Studio SW Corner at Rt202&Rt118 Yorktown Intersection
RSVP: and 914-248-6770 Space Limited

Balloon Hat Competition and Bingo Winners Will Receive Prizes!!!

Scrammble Tournament Is Coming Feb 23-25, 2007 at Mahopac Public Library

 What Is Balloon Art and Scrammble Bingo?


The Balloon Art Party is a fun party using balloons to make wearable hats, the winning hats in categories of most creative, most colorful, widest, tallest, theme hat .... categories will be receiving a prize. Colorful Balloons and pumps are provided. The party celebrates Scrammblre Game Show and Holidays. (Balloons and pumps are provided for party participants)

The Scrammble Bingo is a Bingo game with words rather than with numbers. A set of alphabets will be randomly drawn until someone claims a Bingo pattern (straight line of 5 cells or 3x5 cross pattern....) where each cell contains a word to be made of alphabets drawn by the game host. The simple rule is: the letters of shorter words must be contained in the longer word in the word series. For example, the following letters were drawn in sequence: h t e c a r c a e s .... Then the following word series can be claimed Bingo

(1) he the heat teach catcher (E Column)
(2) he hat hate teach teachers (E Row)
(3) at cat cart chart charact (A Column)
(4) tear treat heater teacher characters (The wild symbol on the last cell of card is used as r to claim Bingo)
(5) .....
(6) .....

There are more answers but the  first one claims Bingo wins a prize.

The Bingo cards have the rows and columns randomly labeled with a vowel, a, e, i, o, u, randomly placed in the diagonal cells so the word series would follow a column or row of a particular vowel (e and a in the above examples) with a wild symbol placed in one cell randomly on each card pre-determined or selected by the player during each play. The wild * can be used as any alphabet (in addition to letters drawn) in the word series. Once it is used, it must be included in the longer words.

The fun party is a game show at the Yorktown Cablevision studio on Dec. 22nd 4:30-8:30PM. RSVP is required. Participants must sign a TV recording release form. Capacity is limited. Even TV crew must send in RSVP response.


Scrammble Games are word games with math elements. Visit

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