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The Best Teacher's Appreciation Gift

  • Scrammble Games Set - Scrammble Games and accessories, Color board, dice, marbles and the Scrammble Book, Passport to the Scrammble Land all in a lock box (Unit Price for Education Institute, $27.50, Quantity Order,  5-25, $24.75, 26-50,$23.50, 51-150, $22.00 and 151-500,$20.50, tax-exempt applicable, shipping cost TBD)

  • Scrammble Cards - Deck of Scrammble Game Cards, Unit Price for education institute, $8.00/case, Quantity Order, 5-25, $7.00, 26-50, $6.50/Case, 51-150, $6.00/case, 151-500, $5.00/case, 501-1000, $4.25/case, tax-exempt applicable, shipping cost TBD)   

  • Special cover design and color printing, $250 per design, minimum order of 150, waived for quantity order >501. See promoting company products and services.

Brand New Scrammble Games (Photo)

A game set every home and classroom must have! 

  Dr. Chang's Book on Scrammble Games - over 20 Games Illustrated (First Limited Edition December 1, 2005)

A word game book for families, teachers and game enthusiasts 

Brand New Scrammble Games (Photo) (TM) ©

A game set every home and classroom must have!

The original Scrammble Games consists of 136 Scrammble cards for Scrammble Word, Poker and Majong as well as for Scrammble Board with a full color alien game board, a die and a set of gem stones, all stored in the Headutainment Game Box with instructions. The new design consists of 144 full color cards with eight instruction cards. The new cards support Scrammble Word, Poker, Majong, Board, Bingo, War, Puzzles and Solataire Games. Please note the new discount price offered for students apply for gifts for teachers.

The Headutainment Game Box 

Often games do not come with a strong and durable box for safe keeping and easy storage. The Headutainment Game Box is a strong Vinyl storage box with safety lock for teacher.

Games and components can be stored nicely and securely in the box (10.5x8x3.18 in) with room to include more game rules and teacher's notes.

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Scrammble Games and marblewits games are available online and at a limited number of retail toy and game stores (See Store Displays and other photos of game and toy shows, Gallery 1, Gallery 2, Gallery 3 and Gallery 4).


(Scrammble Board - Teach Aliens Scrammble Poster - A Simple Board)

(Click Here to See Enlarged Alien Characters )


Scrammble Board Game - Teach Aliens Scrammble - English Words All Copyright Protected ©


Retailers and Volume Purchasers (>501) May Place volume Order on Any New Design Edition of Scrammble Game ( )

If you would like to contact the Scrammble game inventor, please email the inventor or call  Email:

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