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Other Headutainment Games by Dr. Chang

The Magic Hundred Games (Trade Mark Intended) $22.50

Basic Description: 

Magic Hundred games are educational games for children to learn the difficult math concepts and operations with simple fun activities such as winning chips on a board game. The games are particularly good for age groups 3-7 and 6-15. The games are easy to play and learning is extremely effective. Concepts of numerals, digital system, odd and even numbers, arithmetic operations even factors are learned without effort.


The game set consists of a game board which is based on a multiplication table of 1 to 9 by 1 to 9. The board has grid cells which contain the multiplication results of the numbers 1 to 9. The board has 225 magic 100 blocks each block has four cells color coded. The Magic 100 concept is based on the arithmetic operations of 1 to 9. The second important element of the game is the special pair of dice each has six faces with different symbols.  The outcome of these dice determines how a player is going to occupy the cells on the game board. In the playing process, amazingly, the math concepts of odd number, even number, compliments of ten, prime number, addition, multiplication and factor are learned and practiced with fun and no pain. The third element of the games is the chips similar to the chips used in casino games but smaller and lighter. These chips are used to occupy cells on the board. A few larger denominations are used to exchange with the bank for chips to play. 

Five basic games can be played with the same set. 

1. The first is Magic 10, most suited for 3-7 age group. Kids throw dice to determine what numbers to occupy and count the complementary pairs in 10 (1+9, 2+8, 3+7, 4+6, 5+5) There are 36 pairs on the board. Players set the target from 10 to 360 in increment of 10. First reach the target wins all the chips placed on the board.

2. The second game is Magic 100 or Power 2, Players compete to reach the first magic 100 block. Bumping others off are allowed. In the process, the players learn and practice the concepts of odd, even, complements, prime number, addition, multiplication and factor. The winner wins all the chips on the board.

3. The third game is Magic 1000 or Power 3. Players compete to reach 10 magic 100 blocks in any pattern or fixed pattern. The winner wins all the chips on the board. Losers can buy chips from the bank to continue to play until runs out of money (bank chip) to buy.

4. The fourth game is the Bingo 100. Two variations to play bingo with common pattern or individual selected pattern. The first person achieves bingo wins 10 chips from each player. age group: 6-adults.

5. The fifth game is the Magic Power Play. The game board is treated as a city. Players compete to gain control of the city's main thoroughfare by building secure magic hundred blocks. age group 8 to adult.  

Overall Age Range: The same game set  Can be played by different age groups by selecting the different game to play.

Time needed to learn: 2 minutes or less for Magic 10, a little longer for other games. A table for dice outcome gives a clear direction on what moves allowed.

Time needed to play: The game can be completed in a few minutes when the target or goal is set very simple. It can take long if the target is set difficult, for example, a cross pattern for Magic 1000 requires winning 40 cells and The Magic Power Play requires winning  68 cells. 

Essential Components:  Game board, a pair of special dice, and color chips. Optional Components: Player Identifier, Timer and Score Sheet.

Playing Rules: They are  included in the game set since they are very simple.

Brief description of play and winning condition:

These games require strategic thinking which may have to be modified according to the outcome of the dice. Each throw of dice which determines the move also offers the player the opportunity  to learn and practice math concepts without knowing that they are doing it. The strategy is to exercise how to bump others off the board and achieve your own goal (you keep their chips when you bump others off) and how to factor your cell number to advantage. Being bumped is the frustrating element of the game. Lucky throw to exercise bumping and factoring (factor your cell number and occupy multiple cells, example, 56 can be factored to 14 and 4 or 7 and 8, or 28 and 2 or 2,2,2 and 7) are exciting. Winning a big bundle of chips of each game is fun. Learning difficult math concepts become part of the fun is the hidden object.

Proposed theme: Educational games for learning math concepts. For school, bingo sheets instead of game board can be used. It is a ow cost and highly effective teaching tool.

Cryptogramer (A Cryptogram Creator Kit) (Trade Mark Intended)

Cryptogram is used as a secret means of communication. It has been used by spies and military to transmit messages and to carry out secret orders. Naturally it could be a fun game with the intrigue of solving puzzles. Traditionally, each cryptogram will have a key code. Having the key, the code is easily solved. In the Cryptogramer game, we make both solving the cryptogram and creating the cryptogram as fun games. A number of versions of Cryptogramer are briefly described below:

A. Web Cryptogramer $21.50

This game utilizes the modern Internet web creation tool to create cryptogram. Objects such as icon, clip art, images, audio and video elements can be used to construct the cryptogram. A detailed description of how to create cryptogram for web display and solving code message as well as a Cryptogramer Kit (see below) for making your own cryptograms is included in this game package. Click to see a Web example

B. Cryptogramer Kit $19.50

The Cryptogramer Kit contains a number of cryptograms made on paper cards. Messages are contained in each cryptogram and they can be decoded by using different set of key cards. A detailed description of how to create your own cryptograms with your own messages are included.

C. Cryptogramer Kit with Stamp Set $32.50

A set of alphabet rubber stamps are designed for creating your own cryptograms. A Cryptogramer Kit for creating your own cryptograms is included in this game set. Other theme oriented rubber stamps (for example, animals, flowers, vegetables, solar system etc) are also available by special order. This set works well with rubber stamps in designing stamped cards, scrapbooks and photo albums. This game set also works well with any trivia pursue type of games by encoding the answers to questions in cryptograms. 

Scrammble Games
An innovative word game set that can be played in a number of ways - Scrammble Word, Scrammble Poker and Scrammble Majong. Browse this site for more information on how each game is played. Players feedback suggest that scrammble word games are the most exciting word games.  

Please contact for all volume orders and school discounts. 

How To Order The Scrammble Games and Other Games

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