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Welcome to Photo Gallery
New York Toy Fair

Editor-In-Chief   David Chang

Please feel free to contact Dr. Chang through, he will be happy to respond to or post your comments. 

New York (Feb 14-17, 2010) Photos and short stories from the New York Toy Fair

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The following photos are taken by Teresa Chang, Director of Marketing, TLC Information Services.
The short stories are just an intro to these new or successful games. Browse links for more information.
The first photo is the welcome band at the NY Toy Fair.

This is a photo of the creator of Bananagram, Abe Nathanson with Dr. Wordman, Inventor of Scrammble Games and Scrabble News Letter Editor, Ms Cornelia Guest.

A serious discussion on new games announced by Abe Nathanson.

New games see


Abe Nathanson, Corny Guest and Rena Nathanson who is in charge of the company's business in UK.

Inventor of Lexigo, Don Reid with Dr. Wordman

Lexico is an interesting word game using tiles in hexagon shape.


Creative Director of Kibodo, Tony Davis is playing the game with Dr. Wordman. Kibodo uses computer keyboard (Kibo) and type keys as letter tiles to play the word game, quite a unique design and play rules.


Creator of Tara, Murray Heasman, whose game donated as a prize for Scrammble Tournament was very well liked by the Tournament players.


People Behind the game, About Time, Matt Gould and Iain McGill post with Dr. Wordman after playing their learning game focused on "Times' of events in history.


Xtreme Takeover COO Curtis Paul is showing off a new version.


Pencil Toppers, Pedestal Pets, designer Lisa Scherfer with her team. These cute toppers are destined to be collector's item.


Inventors of Tri-Cross are Glenn Burns and son Jeff Burns. The Tri-Cross is a game for competitors, the photo shows Brian Howell and Nick Rossi in their NY Toy Fair booth.



Virtue Game for Learning Virtues. A perfect game for Brownies. It is nice to see more games are introduced for character building rather than practicing violence.

Dr. Word meeting with old acquaintances,  Colorku Creators, Mark Asperheim and Cris VanOosterum


New Timers for Games, Cube Timer, introduced by Albert Vasse, likely to be a popular game accessory.


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