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Noodle War Games ©

Created By Dr. Ifay F. Chang


Color Dice Game: Noodle War

 Noodle War is a logic game with some math operations. The game uses five sets of color dice. Many variations of play can be easily defined. The following lists twenty five Noodle War Games.

Game 1:Throw up to 25 dice on the table. Each player takes turn to remove dice 1, 2 or 3 of the same color dice and one takes the last die wins.

Game 2: Throw up to 25 dice on the table. Each player takes turn to remove 1, 2 or 3 dice of the same number. The player takes the last die wins.

Game 3: Throw up to 25 dice on the table. Each player takes turn to remove 1, 2 or 3 dice of the same number and of the same color die. The player takes the last die wins.

Game 4: Two up to five players play; each takes five dice of the same color and place them in a cup. Each shakes the cup and cups down on the table with 5 dice hidden in the cup. Each peeps his or her own cup to remember the number distribution in the cup. Then bidding begins. First player bids a number of dice having the same number, for example, three 4ís. The next player has the option to challenge the previous playerís bid or make a higher bid; that is three of 5ís, three of 6ís or four, five or six of any number. The process continues until one makes a challenge. In counting the correctness of the bid, everyone opens his or her cup to let the challenger to count. One rule must be applied that is the number 1 on a die face is considered a wild number, meaning that it must be counted as the number of the bid. If the challenge was seven 5ís, four 5ís plus three 1ís would be considered as seven 5ís. If the challenger loses, he or she must remove one of his or her dice to continue to play next game. If the challenger wins, then the challenged must remove one dice and continue to the next game. When a player is out of dice then he or she is out of the game. The last person still has dice left in the cup is the winner winning all the dice others lost. Players can make the dice to be equivalent to candies, fruits, cookies etc to make the game as a party game.

Game 5: Place 25 dice all in a bowl. A dealer shakes the dice and covers them on the table. Players then place bet on the total sum of points on the dice faces. Better coming within +/- 2 (if more than six betting or a higher number if few players are playing; players must reach an agreement before game begins) of the total sum wins all the bets plus dealerís match (pay off) otherwise dealer wins them. Players take turn to be dealer for five times unless willing to forfeit.

Game 6-25: Any one who has purchased a set of Noodle War dice game can request the next twenty games by sending an email request to

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