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Marblewits Games

Katonah, NY, September 28, 2004 - Following the successful debut of Scrammble Board Game at the Second Chicago International Toy and Game Fair held from September 5-7 at the famous Navy Pier in Chicago, Dr. Ifay Chang the inventor of Scrammble Games has created a new board game with gem stones.  The game has roots in some ancient games played with stones. However, Dr. Chang has applied the concept of Headutainment games to make these marble games simple to play but great fun with the benefits of stimulating brains and learning mathematical reasoning. These games are tried with the staff at Medical World Search and many school kids. The responses were great. The above diagram shows one of the game patterns. The object of the game is to remove the gems or marbles according to permissible moves. The one who removes the last gem or marble wins the game. In this particular pattern, the earth planets stays permanent and can not be removed. The game is extremely simple to learn and play yet it is extremely challenging to win consistently. The ultimate solution of any winning pattern or strategy depends on probabilistic analysis along each move made by the opponent. Asking why the new games are called Marblewits, Dr. Chang said: "Marbles are always fascinating with children, even adults. They are colorful to look at and fun to play but they are played more as toys and less as games to challenge one's brains for learning and entertainment. The main purpose of my board games of marbles is to challenge people's brains and sharpen their wits. So I call them Marblewits Games. The solutions of the game patterns are based on probability theory. Their difficulty level depends on the pattern and rules of the permissible moves. Games patterns with simple solutions small children can figure out to game patterns requiring mathematicians to solve can all be created on a board. I have selected a few patterns and grouped them onto one board. They are extremely fun to play."   

This new addition of Headutainment games - Marblewits is described in the Scrammble Game web site at along with Scrammble Board, Scrammble Word, Scrammble Poker and Scrammble Majong as well as Cryptogramer and Magic Hundred.   

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