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Headutainment Games

Katonah, NY, April 4, 2004 - Since Medical World Search sponsored the Scrammble Games, we have received support and encouragement from several local communities and schools. When Scrammble game was introduced to the 'Reach' students in elementary school, the students really enjoyed. The feedback has encouraged the inventor Dr. Ifay Chang to pursue more games. Dr. Chang's original intention was to create games that stimulates and maintains healthy brains and now he recognizes that the games also induces learning and is great for education. Because the games are exciting to play, they have tremendous entertainment value as well. After creating a few more games, Dr. Chang has coined the term Headutainment Games to characterize games that have the three characteristics. "I have recognized that games are often created to be entertaining and some are created to be educational but not too many games are created to be educational, entertaining as well as stimulating human brain health. There are research findings reporting that playing certain games may help preventing or slowing Alzheimer disease (Dementia of Alzheimer Type, DAT). Games like Crossword puzzle have been cited to be helpful. Motivated along this line of thinking I have begun to develop games that can stimulate human brain at higher level (intensity) along with high educational and entertainment value so people would love to play them.  The 'Scrammble'   (trademark intended) game launched last year certainly has these characteristics. Now I have developed a few more games: Cryptogramer  and Magic Hundred  . I call these games Headutainment Games because their three main characteristics: Good for health, education and entertainment. (Headutainment is taken from Health, education and entertainment)" Said Dr. Chang when showing his new games to the staff of Medical World Search. Medical World Search and Dr. Chang intend to publish a series of Headutainment Games.

The Cryptogramer is a game for creating cryptogram game for health, education and entertainment purposes. For instance, a cryptogram game can be created for a birthday party in which people would solve the cryptogram puzzle and learn some knowledge while having great fun. The Magic Hundred games are based on arithmetic but making arithmetic operations fun to do in the game. These Headutainment games are described in the Scrammble Game web site at   

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