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Innovative Marketing Solutions Based on Scrammble Games


Five Basic Elements for Successful Business


5 Basic Elements

Business Sense

Public Relation

'Publish' Message/Content via 'Media', Conduct 'Event' & 'Function' to Produce Impact with Measurable Effectiveness

Branding/Corporate Image 

'Display' Design/Image via Selected Media to Produce Impressions to the public resulting in Persistent Retention of Image/Impression  

Marketing Products/Services

'Describe' Content/Value & 'Differentiate' Products/Services vs Competitor's to Gain Market Share & Customers - Using Effective Description in Repetitive Format 


'Stimulate' & 'Trigger' Customer Reaction of Desire, Need or Impulse via Selected Media, Message & Timing  to Produce Buying Actions


'Establish' Customer Relation, Satisfaction and Goodwill by offering Quality Products/Services & Friendly Customer Support 

Solution Example (B) Biotechnology Product Marketing Via Scrammble Game


(B) Many companies are providers of novel DNA detection and 'quantitation' products that advance scientific and biomedical research. Detecting and quantifying small amounts of DNA is extremely important in a wide spectrum of biotechnology applications. There are two methods for measuring DNA, one via absorbance measurement at 260 nm and one fluorescence measurement. The latter is particularly sensitive for detecting double strand DNA (dsDNA). Oftentimes, it is difficult to describe and differentiate a new product to the potential user community. Scrammble Card marketing solution is an excellent way of marketing these highly technical products which typically have a unique set of vocabulary. The following is an example illustrating how a dsDNA Quantitation product may be marketed via Scrammble Game Cards. Company logo or product image can be used for the back cover and instrument images or cartoons may be used for the front where a set of unique words are chosen for the cards to give an effective and long lasting impression about DNA detection. Naturally, if desired, cartoon images can be substituted with specific scientific images relevant to the marketing objective at hand.    


What is the Cost for the Scrammble Game Marketing Solution?

Would you believe, it may be as low as $1-2 per game set. We all know any manufacturing cost is volume sensitive. We have tuned our manufacturing and packaging to be extremely cost efficient. (A cost guide: 100,000 for <$100,000, 10,000 for < $15,000 and 1000 for <$5000) If you are interested in taking advantage of this unique business marketing solution, please call  914-2486770 or Email:

The same Scrammble Game Set can play Scrammble Word, Scrammble Crossword, Scrammble Poker, Scrammble Majong, Scrammble Board, Scrammble Bingo, Scrammble Hangman, Scrammble War, Scrammble Puzzle and Scrammble Solitaire (TM intended), hence, they can create specific marketing impressions to different audience. Click the appropriate item on the Scrammble home page to get the details on how these interesting games are played (see public events). For ordering this fun game, click Order Scrammble! ( on this page you can order Scrammble Game, Passport to Scrammble Land and a combination order with discount. )

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