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History of  Scrammble

Brief History of Scrammble

Game Name: Word Challenge, Challenge, Scrammble, Braino Scrammble, Scrammble Majong, Scrammble Poker, Scrammble Word, Scrammble Board, Scrammble Bingo, Scrammble Bridege, Scrammble Mastermind, Scrammble Puzzle, Scrammble War, Scrammble Solitaire, Scrammble Monopoly, Scrammble Hangman, Scrammble Go-Fish, Scrammble Crossword, Scrammble Charade....... (All intended TM)

Inventor: Dr. Ifay F. Chang

Background: US Citizen of New York State, Town of Somers 

Game History: Game patent filed in 2002 during Christmas holidays. If there was no recession in the past few years, the Scrammble© game most likely would not be filed as a patent. The burst of the Internet bubble and the meltdown of the dot com world in the past few years had frustrated Dr. Chang's effort to commercialize a number of his Internet inventions to promote e-commerce, which is his long-term love affair begun in the mid eighties while he was developing the Intelligent Public Information System in Singapore at the invitation of the Singapore National Computer Board. Since US venture capitalists became less risk takers and more short-sighted profit takers, Dr. Chang has channeled some of his energy into creating games. The Scrammble word game was initially created for family playing in early 1980's. Dr. Chang's family, wife, six children, family friends and some relatives including his two grand nieces and his own mother who recently passed away at 84 all liked the game. The staff at Medical World Search also liked the game and they encouraged Dr. Chang to commercialize it. Hence Dr. Chang has invested his own money and produced the first edition of the SCRAMMBLE© game for the 2003 Christmas Holidays. The game is featured and marketed only on the Medical World Search web site and its affiliate online OSMart before Scrammble Games had their own website. The MWS Magic Mart (OSMart) has over 200 merchants classified into 22 categories. The Scrammble© game is included in the game category. Otherwise the games are kept in low profile other than introduced through schools and boy scouts. Although Scrammble© is fundamentally a word game; it can be played in different ways, adding elements of mathematics, logic as well as strategy. The Scrammble© Games initially include the Scrammble Word, Scrammble Poker, Scrammble Majong and Scrammble Board games (all copyrighted and trademark intended). The Board Game, called "Teach Aliens Scrammble - English Words", was introduced at the 2nd Chicago International Toy and Game Fair in September 6-8, 2004. Many family kids and parents played the game and liked it very much. Subsequently, the Scrammble Games are packaged in a special Headutainment Game Box and is sold briefly in specialty retail stores in Westchester and Putnam Counties, New York, including Family Discount Center Chain Stores, LuckyFinds, By Hammer By Hand, ....Since 2006, Scrammble games are only available online from their website. The creator of these games, later nicknamed Dr. Wordman, has been invited by several Westchester County and Putnam County libraries to offer Children's Creative Games Workshop based on Scrammble Games. Dr. Woedman subsequently produced a public TV Show, called Community Education - Scrammble Games Show which has been in existence as a weekly public TV cablecast up to this day. The variation of Scrammble Games gradually grew to more than two dozen games. Their learning oriented features differentiate them from other games. The Scrammble© games have no dull moments (such as waiting for another player to finish his or her play). They constantly stimulate brain activities including short-term & long-term memory and recall. The math operators adds strategy and math drills to the games.

How To Play The Basic Game: A board is not necessary for Scrammble Word© although a board may be used for providing playing rules. Each set has 136 letter tiles with points and distribution properly assigned. Each person takes turn to flip open a card or tile and all players can form a word with the open cards or tiles and the first one formed a word can lay claim to the word. The clamed word is then placed in front of the claimer. Word points are counted with letter points modified with any mathematic operation if any appearing on any letter tile in the word. The flipping continues until the last letter tile is open. After each flipping, players have the opportunity to add one or more opened letters (must include one of the newly opened letters) to any formed word and to change it to a new word (scrambling the letters to form a new longer word) and the first one declared such a new word can lay claim to the new word. Hence, the word score can be shifted drastically among players. Scrammble Poker© and Scrammble Majong  © are played with Poker and Majong rules except wining is determined by the highest word points and highest sum of word points respectively. Details see references below.  See More Details on How To Play Scrammble Word

Variation of the Game: The 4 original games are Scrammble Word©, Scrammble Majong©, Scrammble Poker© and Scrammble Board Game - Teach Alien Scrammble©. Similarly, these games can be translated into different alphabetical languages, adding language specific elements and adjusting the number of alphabet tiles according to their frequency of appearances in their language vocabulary. Since a board is not necessary for playing the Scrammble© games, the games can be extended to non-alphabetical languages such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean as well. The games can be played as a computer game using CD or played online or offline. In addition, the Scrammble Word© game can be played in the TV broadcast setting with or without interactive viewer participation.

Patent History: Dr. Chang filed the basic patent in the US Patent and Trademark Office in 2002 and is currently in the process of obtaining international patent coverage of the Scrammble© games. Its patent fate is pretty much in the hands of USPTO.

Business Partner: Medical World Search and family members are Dr. Chang's current business partners. Other business partners with ability to contribute to the games' growth in global market share are welcomed to make Scrammble a World-wide immortal game. 

Macy's and Scrammble: 2003 might be a remarkable year for Scrammble in connection to the story on Macy's contribution to the Success of Scrabble. Scrammble's chief promoter Medical World Search had began to work with IPO2U.COM to introduce the Magic Marketing Solution based on the concept of Value Marketing and Collective Marketing developed by Dr. Chang. The concept was put to practice by creating the biggest online shopping mart on the Internet (called OSMart) by inviting quality stores to participate and to offer values to shoppers and by promoting the merchants collectively with the Mi-Card medium (Interactive Magic Information Card). The distribution of the Magic OSMart Mi-Card is expected to make a significant impact on online shopping for OSMart merchants. Ironically, in the first week of December, 2003, as OSMart was distributing its Mi-Card in which Scrammble was featured, it received Macy's approval of OSMart to be  its online affiliate. Naturally, there will be a mutual boost in online activities to Macy's and Scrammble websites. Will Macy's repeat the history of Scrabble with Scrammble? Will there be another Mr. Jack Strauss with foresight? That is an interesting question! 

Business Opportunities with Scrammble: Manufacturing and marketing rights of the Scrammble games are available for country or geographical regions. Interested companies should contact Medical World Search or Dr. Chang by writing email  to or mail to Dr. Ifay F. Chang at PO Box 944, Yorktown Heights, NY 10598 Scrammble games also offer a unique business marketing opportunity for persistent and effective marketing of products and services. The uniqueness is in Scrammble's potential to go down in history as an immortal game and its popularity as a family game. Hence, any marketing with Scrammble will have an opportunity to become popular and immortal. Early players of Scrammble can claim a pioneer status in the Scrammble's Hall of Fame in the future.

Who Loves To Play The Scrammble Games

The games can be played by all ages. The minimum length of the word may be set lower for younger children (for example 2 or 3 letters and up) and higher for adults or expert players (for example 5 or 7 letters and up). The scrammble© games have all the fun and challenges of word games like Scrabble but with added excitement by the dynamic scrambling operations. In all its exposures, it is found that the games do appeal to all age groups above 4. Although a Scrammble War © game can be played by toddlers.

An expert player can regularly form and keep 10 words or more and score more than 500 points in Scrammble Word© game. In Scrammble Poker© and the Scrammble Majong©, the knowledge of word vocabulary tilts the games to be less by chance. The rule of allowing challenging correct spelling turn the traditional Poker and Majong games into language learning games.  

Future Of The Game

Scrammble © is not likely to replace Scrabble entirely but has the potential to be a more popular word game due to several elements:

1. More exciting and fun games because the scrambling and challenging features inherent in the games. More players more fun yet no waiting or idle time.
2. The added mathematic operation and scrambling provides a new dimension for maximizing word score hence gives more brain stimulation in both logic and memory. This makes the word game also a strategy game.
3. The scrambling operation makes the games to be less chance or luck dependent than Scrabble®, Poker and Majong.
4. No board and size requirement in Scrammble© hence the Scrammble© games can be played anywhere making the games more mobile or portable and also allowing more difficult or longer word or vocabulary to be played. (not limit to 7 or 8 letters)
5. Pending patents of Scrammble© games describe games playable in other media such as Internet (online), CD (offline) and TV (broadcasting) with or without third party or mass interaction. These games have great future as entertaining games. 
6. Based on the Scramble Process, many more word games can be developed, Examples such as Scrammble Bingo, Scrammble Bridge, Scrammble crossword, Scrammble Mastermind, Scrammble Go-Fish, Scrammble Charade, Scrammble Monopoly, Scramble Puzzle and Scrammble War (all intended trademark) are making the Scrammble Games more interesting and fun to play.

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More Information About Scrammble© Games*

Braino Scrammble© is a game set for education, for entertainment and for health and it is indeed a game for all ages. Scrammble games are sometimes called Headutainment games. Medical World Search is proud to publicly endorse the games not because it is invented by Dr. Chang who is the founder of Medical World Search but because it is an exciting game that does stimulate, challenge and entertain human brains. Every staff in the Medical World Search has played the game and loved the game. MWSearch urged Dr. Chang to make the game available to the public. MWSearch sees the games' value for families where family members can play together and enjoy. MWSearch also sees their value in schools where teachers and students can make learning more fun. MWSearch also sees their value for senior citizens in retirement homes and hospices where the game can be used to stimulate brains and keep people healthy. Dr. Chang continues to create more Scrammble Games such as Scrammble Bingo, Scrammble Schrade, etc. He believes that children can have accelerated learning using the right games and teachers can have effective teaching with the right games. Dr. Chang has termed these teaching and learning Make-A-Game Pedagogy © (MAG Pedagogy).

* Patent Pending * Braino and Scrammble © trademark intended



History of Scrabble      History of Scrabble by National Scrabble Association


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The Scrammble game is custom designed. An example of how the game is played is shown above. The first edition of the product had very limited quantity. If you are interested to have a copy of this limited first edition, please place your order before inventory runs out. Send email to  for any questions or interpretations of the games. All orders must be made by checks or by online secure credit card payment through Paypal. The delivery will be made after the check is cleared or credit card payment authenticated. Discounts are available for pre-order (volume order) for the next edition in volume production. Custom designed Scrammble games with special image for the back of the cards  may be ordered by providing a printable artwork along with the order. A artwork handling fee $200 will be added to the order of a minimum of 100 sets. The present product (English version) consists of 136 playing cards contained in a secure plastic box with board and rules for playing four games.

Please contact for special versions for large group playing in which the alphabet tiles or cards may be magnetic so they can be placed on a magnetic board standing up. (especially useful for classroom team play) For business contact or write to

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