Brief Vitae of Ifay Chang

Dr. Chang is a retired professor and researcher with over 35 years of working experience as a scientist, an inventor, and a designer and architect of complex information systems. Currently, he is pursuing projects of personal interests in the area of creative games, Chinese language education, e-book writing and offering of e-commerce enabling technology and marketing solution to small businesses. He started his career at IBM T. J. Watson Research Center performed scientific research spanning 30 years and ended as an educator and professor at Polytechnic University for five years created the first complete on-line education system, I-CARE. Some of his work can be found on the Internet through his past publications, press articles and his current web sites. (Search Ifay Chang on Google) Dr. Chang is a teacher with the Northern Westchester Chinese School (12th grade) and a chess ++ class instructor. He volunteers his time for public schools and libraries as teacher's aide in science and technology classes and offering workshops in creative games. Among many business and professional associations, Dr. Chang also serves as a policy board member of the Putnam and Northern Westchester Teacher Center, a state funded organization devoted to teacher and curriculum development. Dr. Chang received his B.S.E.E. from National Cheng Kung University, M.S.E.E. and Ph.D. from the University of Rhode Island.

Ifay Chang's Current Web Sites (Health and Medical Intelligent Search Engine) (E-Commerce Voice Solution) (Magic Information Card, Solution for Information Management)

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                               (City to City Commerce Directory Solution)

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