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Brains do grow when you nourish and stimulate it when you are young

Left side of the human brain is for words and logic, the more you use it the healthier it stays

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Games Are Helpful in Preventing Alzheimer's Disease

 Scrammble Games ©
Created By Dr. Ifay Chang
And Published By Medical World Search

PO Box 944 Yorktown Heights, NY 10598 Tel/Fax 1-914-248-9429

Scrammble Games:
Fun and exciting brain stimulating word games. An interesting set of alphabetical cards can be played in more than 20 games of eight categories. 

Scrammble Process:
Scrammble process means one forms a new word out of letters in your hand or from an existing claimed word by adding one or more alphabets to the claimed word (owned by anyone including yourself) or even combining more than one scored words to scramble into a new word. (You must use all of the letters from the word or words you take plus more!) Adding S, ES, D, ED, N or EN to change a word from singular to plural state or from present tense to past tense is not considered as forming a new word, therefore, not allowed. 

Scrammble Games are exciting brain stimulating games. The game holds all players' attention all the time. In some games, bells may be used to determine who has declared first in case shouting becomes unbearable when players get too excited.

Send email to  or for any questions or interpretations of the games or order the game on line (  ). Braino Scrammble or Scrammble Games are invented by Dr. Ifay Chang, founder of Medical World Search. The game patents are pending which extends the games to be played in the electronic media including TV.

How To Order The Game

Click Here to visit the web page and order.

More Information About Scrammble © Games*

Scrammble Games© is a game set for education, for entertainment and for health and it is indeed a game for all ages. Scrammble games are sometimes called Headutainment games. Medical World Search is proud to publicly endorse the games not because it is invented by Dr. Chang who is the founder of Medical World Search but because it is an exciting game that does stimulate, challenge and entertain human brains. Every staff in the Medical World Search has played the game and loved the game. MWSearch urged Dr. Chang to make the game available to the public. MWSearch sees the games' value for families where family members can play together and enjoy. MWSearch also sees their value in schools where teachers and students can make learning more fun. MWSearch also sees their value for senior citizens in retirement homes and hospices where the game can be used to stimulate brains and keep people healthy. Scrammble games are available now. An industry edition is available as a promotional tool for companies (logo on the back and meaningful words and phrases in the front to introduce company new products and services). Send email to enquire. The retail version will be available for large volume discount, send email to reserve the quantity. See below for price and order information. Dr. Chang continues to create more Scrammble Games. He believes that children can have accelerated learning using the right games and teachers can have effective teaching with the right games. Dr. Chang has termed these teaching and learning Make-A-Game Pedagogy (MAG Pedagogy).  

* Patent Pending * Braino and Scrammble © trademark intended



Scrammble Click here to see an illustration           

Scrammble Click here to order on this page you can order Scrammble Game, Passport to Scrammble Land and a combination order with discount.

The Braino game is custom designed. An example of how the game is played is shown above. The first edition of the product has been sold out. Please place your order before the inventory of the new design runs out. Send email to  for any questions or interpretations of the games. All orders must be made by checks or by online secure credit card payment through IPO2U.COM. The delivery will be made after the check is cleared or credit card payment authenticated. Discounts are available for volume order of the retail edition. For industry edition, special image for the back of the cards  may be ordered by providing a printable artwork along with the order. A artwork handling fee $200 will be added to the order of a minimum of 100 sets. The present product (English version) consists of 136 playing cards and 8 instruction cards contained in a secure plastic travel box with board and rules for Scrammble Games. 

Please contact  for Industry Edition and Retail/Consumer Edition, volume discount, wholesale, custom logo brand or  special versions for large group playing in which the alphabet tiles or cards may be made to be magnetic so they can be placed on a magnetic board standing up. (especially useful for classroom team play) For license, please send request to or write to the address below. 

If order by check, address and pay to

TLC Information Services

PO Box 944

Yorktown Heights, N. Y. 10598  

A Perfect Game for Family, Children, Parents and Grand Parents

A Fun Game for School, Vocabulary Learning and Spelling Skills 

Math and Strategy are Added (Optional) for More Fun & Challenge  

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