News Edition on Toy Fair '09 (2/15-18)

by David Chang, TLC Information Services Feb. 16, 2009

Colorku has come up with a 22 kudu game

 Toy Safety is Still The Topic

Retail: Survival Tips

More Kids Invented Games

LeapFrog TAG Reading System - Won Educational Toy of the Year

Bananagrams - Game Toy of the Year

Several New Games Are worthy Mention in this First Review

Nathan a 11 year old kid invented the Shape the World game which is commendable
The Camp games featuring outdoor activities have more versions to select
UberDart is a great beach game that kids and family will enjoy
I've Never... a social game that can get teenagers all excited

Con6 and Path names suggesting a connection game but they challenge your brain on a higher level

Innovation and creation never stops in the toy industry. Every year there are new games being invented and ointroduced at the NY Toy Fair. David's focus is on educational healthy and fun games. These are his first day impressions of some of the new games. An Irish Cektic knot game with excellent design will keep you glued. Jumbulaya is a new fun word game.

Griddly has a new game, Wise Alex.

The enjoyment of visiting NY Toy Fair is the opportunity of meeting new game inventors who risk their precious capital in launching their creations. The creative mind and entrepreneurial spirit just lift you into a higher stratosphere. Listening to inventors explaining their new games and playing their makes Davis's day. 

Clocks are set for kids' snack reminder with health and nutrition in mind - The Snack Time Survival Kit

Another interesting mind Twister game - Element


More to Come

More to Come


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  • David's Dilemma - Every year David wants to report the NY Toy Fair with his new findings in a timely manner so that the reporting is hot from the press. Then David's needs and wants to spend time at the fair to talk to inventors, manufacturers and play their games leaves little time to write the report. In addition, there is a tedious work of getting the images of the games, describing in short and to the point sentences and formatting.... The more time David spends in the Fair, the less time David has to write. What a dilemma!

  • Meeting Inventors - David is always delighted to meet inventors, some now old friends. Don Meyer inventor of Gemlock, Cromlet and Keesdrow and Penny and Reisa of Griddly were in the 2009 Fair. David has not met an old friend, Zoran, inventor of Zoki Games and Michael Vien of Poppo games in this year's Fair yet. Of course, David always meet new inventors there, but meeting more old friends simply means more inventors are successful or at least they are doing well with their games.

  • Inventors from Far Land -  Sagi Ben-Yehuda form Israel brought the Con 6 and Path Games to the Fair. David enjoyed these two games very much. Meeting new friends and playing new games are a luxury in life, you may say that David is living a luxury life.

More to Come

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