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News Edition on American International Toy Fair

by David Chang, TLC Information Services

 George Lucas

Legendary Filmmaker

Inducted into Toy Industry

Hall of Fame

Piano Wizard method in song and game cartridges is implemented in this plug-and-play piano system making it easy and fun for kids to learn/play the piano. Four modes of play guide kids from hitting the right key at the right time to reading music notation. Standard sheet music becomes a colorful fun game.

Best Educational

I Can Play Piano
Fisher Price

Games Nominated

SmartGlobe 2
Oregon Scientific

An  interactive learning globe can be updated using a USB connection.  Aspiring world travelers can interact with the SmartGlobe through nearly 30 bilingual fun learning activities that can be customized by age groups and into three three different learning modes.

The Ball of Whacks is made up of 30 magnetic design blocks that can be taken apart and rearranged in endless ways, invented by Dr. Roger von Oech. Roger von Oech is a internationally-known creativity consultant who has worked with many companies around the world. He is the author of the best-selling creativity classic, "A Whack on the Side of the Head."

You can click and listen to your favorite lines from 40 Year Old Virgin's Andy Stitzer anytime you want!

Talking pens let fans enjoy favorite lines spoken by pen

Visit this page for the hot news from 2007 the American International Toy Fair at Javit's Convention Center

New This Year at Toy Fair - Drop-In and Learn Center
10 Spanish Toy Companies Debut Toys from Spain
Chinese toy manufacturers getting more mature in production and packaging
Fisher Price Launches I Can Play Guitar Following I Can Play Piano
Noticeably more games and toys are aiming at the education/learning market.

My friend Zoran Pavlovic "Zoki" got Governor Schwartznagger's attention on his popular Game, Zoki.

Governor Schwarznegger looking at Zoki      Charles Cummnings's Snoozy in Bedbugs

Winning Emmy Awards and broadcasting contracts, The Greenestuff will plow in green.
They have to guard their green dollars under the bed by the Bedbugs.

Another friend, Andy Daniel, President of Enginuity,  amazingly keep adding great games to his portfolio.
A board game with over 100 dice from Haywiredgroup, intriguing indeed, you might just love those dice.
A memory game made of nice wood playing pieces by The GrapeGames, Hi Ms Julie Azuma, check it out.
Play word seek with "KEESDROW" and score points - Definitely a brain stimulating game by Donald Meyer.
A larger letter tile should appeal to the young and seniors

The 'New Touch' game has a no-assembly container make game setup and storage simple.
Barbara Jerome, mother of seven inventor of Namits, she sure doesn't look like age 317, a photo to show
Will children learn Yoga through a game? Katie Feldman thinks so.
You must visit Discover Games at the Fair, I found 'You've Been Sentenced', a fun sentence game.

  • I always find the NY Toy Fair to be fun and stimulating. I especially enjoy chatting with enthusiastic inventors of games and toys. For example, I met Lisa Carroll who created a very cute Christmas doll for Gund and it was just a joy to see her enthusiasm about her creation. She has great plans with the doll ....

  •  Thank you for reading these synopses on the Toy Fair. I am limited by time (commuting from Westchester daily to NY City is a chore.) to see more new creations and to meet more people at the fair. I hope the coming snow storm today will not be too severe to cut short my attendance in this year's show. I did promise to visit more booths on Wednesday and I hope I can make it unless the 10 inch snow becomes reality.

  • I do have tons of materials and CD's from the Fair in my study to discover if there are any new goodies to share with you. Stay tuned. If you have any comments or questions about learning games and toys or want to reach me, please send email to For those invited or interested in participating in the Dr. Wordman TV Show, please remember we produce on Fridays, 4-7PM and air on Mondays, 6:30-7:30PM.

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